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Infertility and Creativity

Greetings fellow witchy types! I just joined and I come seeking thoughts on infertility and magic.
I have known all my life that I couldn't have children. IFV isn't an option though we hope to adopt some day soon (I'll not bore you with medical details but PM me if your curious, I won't mind :-)!). I also love to write and be creative in general. However, I have ALWAYS struggled with completing any major creative project as much as I try and especially here lately. Recently I have had the thought that there may some connection between not being able to give birth to children and not being able to fully "give birth" to my ideas. Mind, body, and soul are more connected than we can imagine and I wonder if there is some kind of creative block there, no doubt made worse by my focusing on baby fever. Am I crazy to think that what's true for the body can effect the soul and spirit? Any other infertile witches experience this correlation? Any suggestions on breaking this link and clearing creative blockages magically? I'm pretty apt at making my own spells and such but just wanted some thoughts before I proceed with anything.
Thanks for listening and if this is triggering for anyone, let me know and I'll put it under a cut.

Hope everyone's Mabon was wonderful and Happy Harvest Times!

To add before I'm asked: I have sought therapy for infertility and am dealing as well as can be expected (baby fever is no fun no matter how much therapy you get) and am mostly at peace with things as they are. Just a wee impatient! I'm also married and 26; hubby is 29. We just don't have the funds for adoption just now.

An Introduction and Seeking....

I am not sure if this is the right place for me. So if this needs to be deleted then I totally understand. I am Pagan but I wish to go forward in my faith. I've done pretty much what I can learning on my own. I read a lot of books, do free readings, online and offline when I can. I am told that I have a lot of energy and sometimes it comes out negatively towards people. I tend to throw around my energy and I get overwhelmed very easily. I would love to meet someone who I can talk to on a regular basis. I would suggest reading my profile first before responding. I am not really easy to get a long with. So if I don't get a lot of responds I understand. Any ways. Thanks for letting me post.

Family & Legal Problems

Hey guys. I'm looking for some ideas here if anyone has a minute to spare. I hope that this isn't considered "spell-seeking" because that isn't really m intention, I'm just looking for some thoughts.

I'm having some legal problems with my family, and I was wondering if there's something you've tried to get rid of negativity and just... the turmoil and bitterness there, just to get some peace of mind, you know?

I have no idea what to do other than meditating and praying, and that type of thing, but I'm kind of at a loss at this point because all of the negativity coming my way has nothing to do with bad energy that I've put out towards my family, and it's nothing to do with something that I've directly done... Everything just seems to be piling up and happening at once, so does anyone have any other suggestions?


Crisis of Faith

Hi everyone, I'm brand-new here, and I hope it's okay to just kind of... launch right into things. I have a question... or.. well a problem, and I'm seeking advice.

See, I've been going through a lot lately, (much of it involving health) and unfortunately it's begun to affect my faith. I hadn't thought about it a whole lot for a while, but these days... I feel like I want to reach out to it, but at the same time I'm not... sure there's something to reach out to?

My belief has generally been that there's something out there so grand and beyond the scope of anything we know that our minds can't really grasp it. Much the same way that an ant can't grasp that it's walking on the toe of a big ol' human, or something. It's just that big. But because that doesn't sit well with people, different cultures and groups gave this being different names, and applied different faces, aspects, and even personalities onto it.

It's kind of like looking at a gemstone. It has many different sides or faces, but it's all the same stone.

The problem with this is, it leaves my at a very odd place. Because it means that I don't know if prayers or rituals or anything really have any kind of effect. And in turn, if things like magic have any effect (magik? magick?).

I want to believe it can. I want to believe one can manipulate their aura, meditate, or possibly even astral project. Send out positive or healing energies through prayer or 'spells' or such. Ground themselves, etc.

But then, my scientific side says there's no proof of any such thing and any perceived effects are purely caused by the human mind being more that capable and willing to trick itself and makes us feel/see what we want.

But... if it makes me feel steadier, safer, more at peace to do these things, is it bad? Am I just lying to myself? Blinding myself? That's no good...

And what if it is real? Even to a small degree? Does that help me? hurt me? am I depriving myself of something by turning away from it? Blinding myself with extreme logic?

I don't know @_@

((cross-posted pretty much all over the place. Sorry if you see it a lot))

Just something sweet :)

Joyous Solstice

From the new list mom~

May you find what you seek, this blessed Solstice!



Wicca is dying?

I scan Witchvox every so often and today I found this article http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=uswi&c=words&id=14905
This point of view does not match up with my own experience.  The Wiccan elders, mostly Gardnerian and a few Alexandrian, that I know say they have more than enough people seeking them out.  The problem is that many of the seekers are not willing to put in the work needed to be initiated.  The whole collapse of covens comment is very much from a solitary perspective.  I can understand a bit where he is coming from because I lived in Wisconsin recently and it was impossible to find a vouched for coven in that state.  From my perspective as an initiate I have seen a constant slow growth in the number of covens in my tradition.

The whole going public thing is just plain silly.  My HPS says the Wica are the Hidden Children of the Goddess so the whole idea that Wiccans need to be public does not jive with the priesthood as a whole.  Individuals can make the decision to be public or not, but it is not a requirement in any shape or form.  My late spouse lost a job when she came out as pagan is a small town in New Mexico.  Bias and discrimination still exists and the idea that you have to out to be pagan is forcing your personal attitudes onto others.  Wicca is about personal responsibility.

He stated he has yet to meet a "Crafter" who does not hold some level of anti-Christian sentiment is again a perspective caused by geographic isolation and self selected internet browsing. 

He also goes with the whole Wicca is evolving argument.  Some aspects of Wicca have changed but this change comes from within not from others imposing their views of what Wicca is from without.

Wiccan covens are still around, but as always you are required to seek them out and prove yourself read and proper for initiation.  Expecting to become Wiccan through the internet or without the work seems to be the norm today.  It took me over 25 years to find a vouched coven to train with and that was a proper fit. 

Organizing Your Book of Shadows

Hey guys. I know that this question comes up all the time, but I'm really drawing a blank here.

I really have no problem organizing my actual book really, but my problem is, is that I don't like my current BOS. I use a standard binder that I have decorated (that I like), but I don't like the inside of it. I've hand written things and typed them, and I just can't make up my mind which way I like better.

I love the idea of an actual book written in ink, but the thing that scares me is that you can't add pages (without them falling all over the place), and I want my book to remain organized.

My question is, for those of you who keep records/entries of all types of your workings (kitchen recipes, bath rituals, etc.), do you have separate books for separate things? I was considering maybe getting different books for kitchen recipes, one of general information, and a separate one specifically for spells/rituals/prayers, etc., but I just love the idea of having everything together in one book... I'm so indecisive!

How do you keep yours?


Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me.
I’m not actually sure how I should phrase this, but here I go anyway...
Its quite an usual question really, After a few years of thinking about telling my mother about my beliefs it came up in conversation this afternoon I have spent years avoiding truths, and have become tired off that so I told my mother that I am a pagan witch
She is a born again evangelical Christian, although not currently in a church.
I do not have anything against Christianity, and think all people are entitled to their own beliefs.
I knew that her reaction was the most likely, but felt the need to be able to be honest with her as personally I feel that honesty is the best policy.
I don’t live with my mother.
Although I have done the best to explain to her by beliefs she is convinced I am evil and has said that she will start praying for my salvation, and possibly get others to join her.
While I know I how to protect myself as a witch, I think I will have a lot of Christian ill wishing coming my way, as she is part of quite a large Christian community even though she is not in a church.
I believe that there is power in prayer.
I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or advice on the matter.
Many thanks to all in advance.


Blue Triskele Wicca?

I just posted a reflection in my LJ about possibly calling the style my coven practices Blue Triskele Wicca.  I would be interested in reactions from folks here, especially Blue Star folk.

Blue Triskele Wicca?

Disclaimer:  I am using the word Wicca in a slightly broader sense than the definition used in this community.  Blue Star and Blue Triskele are not BTW, but they are traditional, initiatory, and have hetero-erotic duotheism at their core.

  • edited to correct spelling of triskele
  • ETA:  I did not post this here to attempt to claim a spurious status as Wicca-as-defined-in-this-community.  My posting here is because I know there are a number of Blue Star folks in this community.  The use of "Wicca" was not the focus on my reflection, but the use of triskele to both parallel and differ from star.  The word Wicca is there partially because it's part of the name of Blue Star Wicca.